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I took photographs of František in his birthplace and loved village of Palkovice around 1999. Every visit was enjoyable, seemingly full of sunshine.
Then František died. The sun faded away.
I could not handle it right away, but about half a year later I started to visit Palkovické Hůrky with a camera. He must have been walking through those places many times in his life. I wanted to see what he may have seen. For my job, I chose a panoramic camera Widelux F8. The rotary lens of this camera captures an angle of 140 degrees and creates an unrepeatable impression of panorama. Negative cine-film of 24×59 millimetres was then uncut manually enlarged using the classic wet procedure in a dark room on bromine-silver paper.
The circle is closing. My first exhibition after returning to photography in the beginning of the 90’s was held here, in Kamrlík Fotografie. František led me to it. Anyway he established the Kamrlík in the post-revolutionary frantic times. Eight photographs fill Kamrlík very nicely. For František.

Devoted to a silent memory on the occasion of what would-be the 55th birthday of František Řezníček (May 23, 1954 – July 1, 2007)

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